Connecting You to Global Markets.

Global Development & Management (GDM) brings over 40 years of international business experience to you. Our primary goal is to help pet food and pet product companies develop export markets. We focus on brand development and market management. We also work with companies outside of North America that are interested in finding new products, new brands, or private label (OEM) suppliers in North America.

GDM builds long-term relationships between principals. We are transparent. We focus on long term strategies while navigating the day-to-day issues. Registration, documentation, transportation logistics, methods of payment – we work with our clients and customers to make each transaction as smooth as possible.

GDM currently works with over thirty companies in North America. We have established relationships for these companies in over twenty countries (and counting).

So, whether you are interested in developing or expanding your export markets or if you are looking for products from North America; let us help you establish long-term relationships with reliable trading partners.


So far, COVID-19 has proven to be nothing but a great inconvenience to all of us at GDM.  We hope it remains nothing more than a great inconvenience to us and to all of you. We are fortunate to be very flexible in our work so that both Junior and Laura can work from home.  Sara and I are in … Read more

What’s This in My Kibble?

Almost every day we receive a complaint about some foreign matter in a piece of kibble.  No matter the brand.  No matter the manufacturer.  No matter the country of origin.  Consumers are finding foreign matter in the kibble. All pet food manufacturers and all pet food brands are aware that foreign matter will be found in their food from time-to-time.  … Read more