David’s Trips to Japan and Taiwan 2014

David went to Japan and Taiwan last month! We swear he did some business, but it seems he did quite a bit of eating as well.


Keiko's shrine
Keiko from Les Chiens took David to a shrine in Japan!
Takoyaki at the Takoyaki Museum
Takoyaki at the Takoyaki Museum! in Japan!
Coco Ichibanya - curry #6 (2)
Coco Ichibanya Curry in Japan
Les Chiens et la Mer
David having dinner with Les Chiens at Les Chiens et la Mer!
Les Chiens et la Mer bouillabaise
Bouillabaisse at Les Chiens et la Mer
Les Chiens et la Mer third course
Dinner at Les Chiens et la Mer (3rd Course)
Les Chiens et la Mer mushroom soup 2
Mushroom Soup at Les Chiens et la Mer
Wakayama Beach
Wakayama Beach
Zhuji - xiaocai
Zhuji – Xiaocai
Zhuji - suanla mian
Zhuji – Suanla Mian
Zhuji - niurou zhuan
Zhuji – Niurou Zhuan
Tin Tai Fung chaoshou
Tin Tai Fung Chaoshou
Tin Tai Fung 00 tang
Tin Tai Fung 00 Tang
Petiia lunch - turnip cakes
David had lunch with our friends at Petiia. Look at these turnip cakes!
Petiia lunch - jielancai
Lunch with Petiia! This is Jielancai.
Aileen & Yenling dinner 2
David having dinner with Aileen & Yenling in Taiwan.
Aileen & Yenling dinner - bamboo shoots
Bamboo Shoots at dinner with Aileen & Yenling
Aileen & Yenling dinner - yellow croaker
Yellow Croaker at dinner with Aileen & Yenling.
Able - Vicky, DW, Josh, Chen fuli
David with Vicky, Josh, and Chen Fuli from Able Int’l
8 Dogs - DW & Johnny 2
David with Johnny form 8 Dogs in Taiwan!
David had dinner with 8 Dogs. A dish called Dongporou
Dinner with 8 Dogs. Kugua
Dinner with 8 Dogs. Sweet Potato Leaves!
David also had lunch with E Dai. Sweet & Sour Fish!
Lunch with E Dai. Gongbao Chicken!
3 old friends 2
David with old friends in Taiwan!



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