Forecast 2012: Pricing and Ingredients

In general, we are expecting rather stable pricing through 2012.  Some ingredients have risen in price, while others have fallen.

Potato: There was a poor potato harvest this year.  As a result, potato prices have risen.

Barley & Milo: Prices for these grains are also up.

Corn: The heavy rainfall and heat in some areas has resulted in greater incidences of aflatoxin and vomitoxin in corn.  Testing for these fungi is not difficult nor is it expensive.  Quality pet food producers are checking their corn very carefully.

Fat: Pricing for fats has fallen.  One of the main factors is the end of government subsidies in the US for biofuels.

Catfish Meal: Supply of US-produced high-quality catfish meal is very unstable.  Competition from China has forced many US producers out of business.  As a result, at this time, formulas that contained catfish will either have to substitute other types of fish, reduce the content of catfish, or accept Chinese-raised catfish meal.

Millet: More formulas are incorporating millet as it is “heart healthy.”

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