GDM at Global Pet Expo 2010

Zia & Michael
Zia (holding Alex’s beer), Dong, & Alex
ZA, SK, & DW at a Better Place
Where is Matt’s hand? (And where is Matt’s wife?)
Tom & Wojciech, High School Classmates
SK, Tony, & Steve (thinking evil thoughts)
SK, the Distinguished Mr. Zia Ahmed        , & DW
SK, Alex, & Dong
Oscar, Mark, & Camilo
Jim, Matt, & Rob
Javier & Rico (how do you get lost in Orlando for two hours?), DW & Jose
DW, the Distinguished Mr. Zia Ahmed         pouring beer, Dong & Alex
DW, Jose, Oscar, Camilo, Alex, Dong, Mark, & SK
DW, Darek, Lee, SK, and Wojciech
DW signing autographs
Dave & SK
Darek – Smiling
Chris & Nancy
Alpha Male & Jim
Alpha Male & Jim

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