GDM at Interzoo

Levi got the better deal.
The Alte Stadt – Nuremberg.
The PetfoodNZ dinner.

Mary Jo surprises everyone and accepts Rob’s proposal (again)


Gabrielle gets lucky.


One is Phil and one is Matt. We can’t tell them apart either.


The Ohio Pet Foods dinner.


The Ohio Pet Foods dinner.


Jim enthralls Eranit, Dudi & Eli.


Phil, Itay, Paul, Amit & Dotan.


DW’s favorite mustard


DW, Phil, SK & Levi.


The winners.


Why DW would rather not play pool.


Alex (Puppyworks) and /DW.

Cristina & Stenio.


DW, Dr. Sasi & SK.


Marta & Fermin (Pronatural Mascotas).




SK with Kelly (Regal).

Levi (Puppy Eyes), Francesca & Guido.


Lisa and Tina of American Pet Diner with Shawpet (Thailand).
Otto, Rob, DW, Mark, Russell & Zia.

Rob, Mary Jo & Russell.


The Wine Reception.

Zia, Levi & Inacio.


The Annamaet & VeRUS dinner.


Rob’s revenge.


Tina, the Director of Wildlife & Matt.

Wybe & Matt get lucky.


Francesca, Matt, Amit, Wybe & DW


Lisa, Levi, DW & Amit.


Lisa, SK & Tina.
Nicole Emily & Guido.

Zia goes Google Eyes (some search engine from Down Under).


SK, Rob & Mary Jo are serenaded.


Russell, Steve & Zia being serenaded.


Sara & her Lamborghini.


DW, Mary Jo, Rob, Russell & John.


The show’s over. SK & DW relax in Wuerzburg for a day. This is the Residenz.


The interior of the Residenz. Reminds us of home.


SK in a vineyard.


Kickin’ back after Interzoo.


Dinner in Wuerzburg.


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