GDM at the Backer (Chicago) Show 2011

Impressions of the Backer Show 2011


Most companies commented that the show was not well attended and that they did not have a very good show.  My impression was that 5% had a very good show, 20% had an OK show, and the rest had a poor show.  The Backer show is focused on the independent retailer.  The problem is that there are fewer and fewer independent retailers every year.  Here is Cincinnati it is very difficult for us to think of more than one store that would qualify as an independent retailer (not including aquatic stores) and not part of even a small chain.


In terms of trends in the pet food industry, I had a number of discussions on ingredients.  As you may know, pumpkin is the new super food and we are seeing it in more and more foods and treats.  Keep on the lookout for the upcoming super foods: chia seeds and coconut.  Chia seeds contain very high levels of Omega 3.  Coconut contains very high levels of Omega 9.

Ozawa-san & Suzuki-san of Platz
Tim & DW
DW & Suzuki-san
Dave DeLorenzo of Vetscience (Fruitables) and Iwasaki-san & Honda-san of Bi-Petland
Iwasaki-san, Honda-san, and Dave DeLorenzo
Mr. & Mrs. Hirano of Blackwood Japan with DW
Matt "Kibbles" Golladay of Blackwood, Mr. & Mrs. Hirano, DW, & Brian "the Prince of Pizzles" Davis of Barkworthies

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