GDM at Zoomark 2011

Ricardo, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hartman, Raad, Mr. Kaufman, DW, & AlexAlwin & DW in BrusselsAlwin & DW in BrusselsBrussels
Alwin & DW in Brussels
Tagliatele Bolognese
The Alpha Female
A Man & His Luggage
GDM, Slow Global, Fou Fou Dog, Dura Doggie & Puppyworks
Alex of Puppyworks
Marco Uno & SK
SK & her Mojitos
Pizzeria Sara
The Bob & Tom in the Morning Show
Tortolini en brodo
Ben & Oded sample Fruitables
DW, Oded, SK, & Alwin
Dinner with Pet Point
Ben, Oded, Raad, Alwin & DW
Joyce & SK go shopping
SK, Vito, & Francesco
SK & her home-made banana liqueur
SK & the 'Stache (it's real!)
Liz, Bolognese Student, & SK
Liz, Tim, SK, & DW
Francesca, SK, & Guido
Francesca, APD, & Guido
Mr. & Mrs. Kaufman
DW, Nicola, Mr. Kaufman, SK, Fiorenza, Vittorio, Francesca, Guido, Bruna, & Nicole Emily
Francesca & Nicole Emily
Alex, SK, DW, Ricardo, & "Jon"
DW, Ricardo, & Claudio - we have been waiting four years for this beer
Happy Hour with Ricardo, Alex, DW, & Mark
Lean on Me

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