GDM’s August Road Trip

In mid-August, we took a short road trip to visit Ohio Pet Foods in Lisbon, Ohio and KNG Pet in Arcade, New York.  We also found time for some dining experiences in Buffalo, New York.  A special “thank you” to David’s sister her put us up (and put up with us) for one night in Buffalo and to Bob who made us lox omelettes for breakfast.
SK and Matt (aka "Kibbles") in the Ohio Pet Foods' warehouse
SK with a new Blackwood bag
KNG Pet Arcade, NY facility
Tom, DW, Bob, and SK at KNG Pet, Arcade
SK and Diane at KNG Pet, Arcade; after so many years, finally we meet
DW at KNG Pet's Arcade, NY facility
Tom & SK at Duff's in Buffalo; the originator of Buffalo Wings
Tom & DW at Salvatore's in Buffalo
DW (?) at Salvatore's
Kentucky Wedding at Salvatore's

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