Germany Highlights


It was great seeing everyone in Germany last month! For those we did not see, we missed you and hope you can make it next time. We hope everyone had as productive a show as David and Sara had and as much fun as Flat Jr. and Flat Laura! Until we met again…….

2016-05-29 16.35.43
Matthew from Northwest Naturals hanging out with Alpha Spouse, Interpreter Extraordinaire and Booth Bunny, Chie Weil


2016-05-28 17.25.37
David and the gang from Interpet Korea



2016-05-26 19.25.29
Sara with Barry from Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals and the Bio-Dynamics gang from Hong Kong


2016-05-26 19.25.05
Sara, Matt from Blackwood and Dudi, Roy and Ricky from Israel


2016-05-26 19.24.53
Matt, Sara and Ben and Helen Lee from Malaysia


2016-05-26 08.28.40
Flat Jr. and Flat Laura hanging out in front of the GDM paparazzi wall with Kelly from Regal and the Funsucker


2016-05-26 16.19.31
Alex Oh, the back office and the Alpha Male


2016-05-26 16.43.42
Flat Jr. and Flat Laura making the rounds and looking good on Zia’s arm


2016-05-27 13.38.22
The girls and the guys from Israel


2016-05-27 17.56.02
Having snacks with Olli and Atso from Finland


2016-05-26 16.19.07
Alex Oh is good to go with Levi from Best Breed


Really, Quint? Duck Lips?
Really, Quint? Duck Lips? (Just because you are Sara’s son does not make that OK.)



Flat Jr. and Flat Laura really should have dressed up more for the show
Flat Jr. and Flat Laura really should have dressed as well as David and Abdul from Pet Arabia



Dinner, Drinks and David, Oh Dear!


Simple Eddie being photo bombed



Dancing the night away


Sara, Tom and Lucy stealing the spot light



Sara, Lucy and Robin



Hail, hail the gangs all here at the Best Breed dinner. And drinking. Who’s surprised?



To the Bat Cave!


The Rob at a table for one


Just kidding..Everyone wants to be with The Rob


Dong and Lucas!


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