Our Brands

Pet Food

Annamaet Petfoods– Annamaet Petfoods is a family run business that was founded in 1986 by people who have a lifetime involvement with dogs and cats. Their products have been formulated in conjunction with a leading Veterinary Nutritionist to deliver optimum nutritional performance. Their plant is EU certified as well as being a USDA and APHIS inspected facility. Annamaet currently produces ten lines of Dog and Cat food, including three new Grain Free diets.
The Best Breed Difference: The founding philosophy behind our formulas is what Dr. Gary Cotton, Founder of Best Breed, calls “Common Sense Nutrition.”  Common Sense Nutrition means we disregard the usual marketing and cost control techniques often used by the large conglomerate pet food companies and simply develop the healthiest all-natural pet food possible.
Blackwood® – Blackwood’s global reputation has been built on the ability to design and manufacture the highest quality, super premium pet foods under strict tolerances. Blackwood products utilize a higher cook rate for carbohydrates which helps increase digestibility and lessen the workload on your pet’s digestive system, thus lowering the stool volume. This equates to less clean up and reduces the cost of feeding your pets. Blackwood pet foods are free from: soy or wheat products, chemical preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, fillers, or by-product meals.
Carna4 Hand Crafted Pet Foods – Carna4 is a SYNTHETIC-FREE quick-baked, air-dried nugget made with only US and Canadian-grown WHOLE FOOD ingredients. Fresh meat and Flora4 organic sprouted seeds provide bio-available vitamins, minerals, probiotics & enzymes for dogs and cats.

Flora4 is an immune-boosting food topper for  solving a variety of health issues including itchy pets.

gmcn_logo_dark Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals– Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals is an all natural dog and cat food that is a perfect balance of proteins and other natural and holistic ingredients; the product of a collaboration of dedicated professionals who have devoted decades to ensuring that pets receive the very best nutrition.  At Country Naturals we’re proud of our ingredients—that’s why they’re written on the front of every bag.
Koha Logo  KOHA‘s Super Premium canned Dog and Cat foods offer solutions for pets with allergies. They do this by using minimal ingredients and offering exotic proteins. All of KOHA’s products are grain and potato free. KOHA’s loaf products only use one gum and their Stew line is completely gum free! Learn more about KOHA’s clean formulas today!
 FP Logo 4
Northwest Naturals mission is to provide pet-lovers the option of feeding their pets a health-enhancing, life-prolonging, easy-to-feed food that is carefully formulated based upon the most advanced science principles of raw food diet preparation. We believe in the premise that BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) improves the quality of life for pets. It is our mission to play an active role in the development of healthy companions, regardless of size or activity level.
NutriEdge – Since 1978, the manufacturer of NutriEdge has been creating a revolution in the pet food industry. NutriEdge has a genuine faith in the value of science in improving the quality of life for people and pets.
RAWZ-meal-free-dry-dogfood-logo RAWZ® Meal Free Dry Food® is THE NEXT BEST THING TO FEEDING RAW®.  Our recipes are made with dehydrated chicken and the most meat and fish, without any rendered meals and no added fats.  The recipes are prepared in small batches with low heat, to help preserve the high quality of the proteins.   RAWZ offers higher protein (40%), low carbohydrates (22.5%) and a moderate level of fat (12%), providing optimal nutrition for your pet.
regal logo Regal Pet Foods: Nutrition Made Simple.  The highest quality ingredients blended by professionals to give your pet the best balanced pet food. Fresh ingredients and strict quality control throughout processing.
smallbatch uses locally procured fresh ingredients. They strive to use only meats that are free-range, pasture-raised, and always free of hormones and antibiotics.  smallbatch freeze-dried diets are complete and balanced without the addition of any synthetic ingredients.

Pet Treats

Plato Pet Treats began with a guy and a puppy named Tugboat. It evolved to a health-conscious premium dog treat company.  Plato produces their treats in their own manufacturing facility and they never use any by-products, meals or artificial anything. Slow roasted in Plato’s own custom ovens and made with locally grown US ingredients.  Plato offers complete control from farm to bowl!
Dogs Love Us provides limited ingredient all natural treats that are available in biscuit, puffs and chew bone forms, either grain-free, wheat-free or vegan. All of our products and ingredients are Sourced and Made in the USA.
Fruitables -Nature’s tastiest combination of harvest-fresh pumpkin and selected superfruits come together to make the world’s best pet foods and treats. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and selected fruits accent a warm pumpkin muffin aroma that will amaze you and your pet.

Tucker’s is a home-spun family business started in the summer of 2009.  They operate our business under one simple premise.  “WE LOVE DOGS”.  They believe that they deserve nothing but the best that nutrition has to offer.  All our meats are sourced exclusively from the USA and Canada.  Their foods are hand made and packed in Wisconsin by people that take great pride in creating innovative and nutritious products for your dog.  They do this… “Because Dogs are worth it!”

Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop-the science is simple, we use wheat enzymes and starches to enhance clumping and make smelly pet odors virtually disappear. But that’s not all. Our ingredients are biodegradable and made of renewable resources so everything we take from the earth can go right back into the ground. Farmer-owned and farmer-grown, you could say we know a little something about what makes sWheat Scoop Mother Nature’s cat litter.