Super Premium Pet Foods Are Too Expensive?

All too often, I hear that one or another of the super premium pet foods we represent is “too expensive.”  My first response is that there is a price to be paid for quality.  Quality ingredients, low-temperature cooking, and quality packaging all cost money.

Upon further reflection, it really seems that quality super premium pet foods are really a bargain.  First, you feed less when you feed a quality food.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, a dog fed a quality super premium food is healthier.  And, a healthy dog has fewer issues requiring visits to the veterinarian.

My dogs have always eaten super premium foods (from one or another of our clients).  My dogs rarely see the veterinarian other than for regular annual visits.  Good nutrition means a healthy immune system.

It is my experience (and I am not a nutritionist or a veterinarian) that my friends’ dogs that have health problems or food allergies are very often related to poor nutrition.  Poor nutrition leads to a compromised immune system.  I have friends whose dogs have had food allergies for years leading to monthly visits to their veterinarian.  Eventually, the veterinarians put the dogs on one prescription diet or another.  These prescription diets do not resolve the problems (again based only on my personal experience).  I believe much of the problem is that the quality of the ingredients in these prescription diets is no better than the ingredients in their nonprescription counterparts.  Poor quality ingredients still leading to poor nutrition leading to a compromised immune system.  When my friends describe their problems to me, I recommend a super premium food and usually within two weeks the problem is resolved.  Quality ingredients leading to good nutrition leading to a strong immune system.

Therefore, the real issue is how can anyone afford to feed an inexpensive food.   Yes, the bag costs less but what is the feeding cost per month?  And yes, the bag costs less but how much is being paid at the veterinary clinic?  And even more importantly, what is the health and comfort of your pet worth to you? 

Super Premium pet foods too expensive?

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