Another Great Show in Las Vegas…SuperZoo 2016

Another great show in Las Vegas- SuperZoo 2016 was filled with hard work and lots of fun. Plus, Flat Sara and Flat Laura make another appearance! See the pictures below…


Getting Ready to Enter the show! Let the hard work begin.

This is not an endorsement of any kind, but he definitely has Trump hair and doesn’t care!


2016-08-04 09.57.35
Oh My! Artistic License or Animal Cruelty?


2016-08-03 11.19.20
Hanging out with Brice from Alaska Naturals.


2016-08-03 08.26.07
Roaming the show with VCA.


2016-08-02 14.36.32
Awwww, Kit, you’re making us blush!


2016-08-02 13.10.44
Oh! Hey, Alex Oh!


2016-08-02 11.35.48
Having Fun with Erik at the Koha booth!


2016-08-02 10.22.28
The Flats certainly make the rounds-now with Jamesie and Charlie.


2016-08-04 11.16.36
Taking a ride with Matt from Tucker.


Individually, no one was 350 lbs. But, together …


a ton of fun
a ton of fun!


Freemont street here we come.


2016-08-06 00.45.24
Sorry,Mrs. Funsucker, sometimes what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas!

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