The Saga of Joe’s Porsche (or Don’t Mess with Laura)

Joe Fisher of NNR paid a visit to our office.  Laura, our logistics coordinator, was out of the office.  Joe thought it would be “cute” to rearrange Laura’s staplers knowing that Laura is a bit OCD (or CDO as she likes to put it) and would be quite disturbed by the changes on her desk.  Here is a photo of her staplers as they should be:











Upon discovering that her desk had been tampered with, Laura simply told Joe that “paybacks are hell.”  Joe had no idea.

After a few days on the road making sales calls, Joe returned to his office to find his Porsche up on cinder blocks on his desk:

Up on Blocks








Along with a ransom note:

the ransom note










It says “If you ever want to see your tires again, please deliver 1 shiny new [penny] per [tire] to Carol Diane Ober at Dog’s Go Mad.”

Not knowing who had “jacked” his tires, Joe immediately notified the press:


in the Press











Joe was then contacted by the kidnappers who threatened his tires:

the threat












Joe saw the light at the same time he deducted exactly who Carol Diane Ober (CDO) at Dog’s Go Mad (DGO = GDM in alphabetical order) and came to his senses.  In no time, he was at the GDM offices ransoming back his tires:

the ransom










Four Shiny Pennies










Lesson learned.  You don’t mess with Laura.

And, all’s well that ends well.  Laura is 4 cents richer and Joe’s Porsche is ready to roll.



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