Communications Platforms (too many already!)

I think we are now past the point where there are too many communications platforms. We can dispense with fax. When was the last time you received a fax? But, in addition to the telephone, email, and texts; I now receive messages through (in no particular order) Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Slack (thank you, Lonnie!), FaceTime, Facebook, LinkedIn, messenger, and Twitter. Not counting the telephone, that is a dozen different communications platforms. Out of control. Enough is enough.

Yes, there are reasons why each platform was created and why people use them but how can I manage all the communication? How do I monitor them all? How do I communicate in a timely manner when I do not even know that I received a message from someone as I am focused on my computer and not on my telephone?

Moreover, communications through most of these platforms is very difficult to store for future reference. Emails all go into an appropriate folder. Where do I store a WeChat message? Would I even know that the communication I acted upon came to me via WeChat? How do I create a “paper trail” when everything is electronic and sent through so many different platforms?

I think we, as business people, need to make some decisions as to which platforms we will use and abandon the others. Now, if something better comes along, we can look at it. But for now, there are just too many. Do I act unilaterally and just stop using some platforms and tell those that prefer WeChat or WhatsApp that you will no longer find me there?

It almost makes me long for the days of telephone and telex. (Pre-fax days for you youngsters.)

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