So far, COVID-19 has proven to be nothing but a great inconvenience to all of us at GDM.  We hope it remains nothing more than a great inconvenience to us and to all of you.

We are fortunate to be very flexible in our work so that both Junior and Laura can work from home.  Sara and I are in the office but keeping “social distance.” 

Dog and cats will continue to eat.  Trucks and steamships continue to move.  There have been virtually no impediments to our business and, hopefully, it will remain like this.

On the other hand, Ohio has been very aggressive in addressing COVID-19 and our governor is doing all that he can to “flatten the curve.”  Schools are closed.  Restaurants and bars are closed.  Movie theaters are closed.  Many retailers, including our downstairs neighbor, have closed.  And, while we are not self-isolating, our social activities are drastically reduced.  My Scotch Club was conducted online which allowed us to include a member who is on sabbatical in Italy.  He is basically on total lockdown.  That made the rest of us feel a little better about our situations.  But who knows how long that will last?

At this point, it seems that China is slowly returning to “normal.”  But, I read a disturbing report today that COVID-19 cases had reappeared in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan just this week.  Hopefully, these were cases caused by people returning home from overseas and not from the virus lying latent. 

Our thoughts are with all of you.  We know that some nations have been hit harder than others.  We know that all of us must now come to terms with this pandemic and this could result in some disruptions in business.  We hope that all of your and your families remain healthy. 

Wash your hands!

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