Put It in Writing

First, this is not directed anyone in particular.  It is directed at everyone.  Don’t call me.  Email me.   Put it in writing.  If you want us to follow your instructions, we must have them in writing.  We cannot take responsibility for misunderstanding your needs, requirements, desires, or plans.

At GDM, we are firm believers in the paper trail (well, it has become an electronic trail but it is still a trail).  When something goes wrong, our first response is to resolve the issue.  Our second response is to review correspondence to determine why something went wrong so that we can ensure it does not happen again.  If we do not have all correspondence in writing, it makes it very difficult to determine what happened.  Did we receive incorrect instructions?  Did we misunderstand the instructions?  (Yes, it has happened that we – meaning Sara – have made mistakes on occasion.)

At the same time, we are always happy to talk with you regarding strategy, policies, problems, and concerns.  But, let’s follow up immediately with emails.  It is always best to have it in writing to ensure that we understand each other.

Help us to help you.  Put it in writing.

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